Courses in colleges across the country have been re-designed to make sure you get the qualifications and skills you need to help you be successful in the future.

Whether your plans after college are to get a job or to go to University, you will follow a programme that includes a main qualification along with great personal support and work experience that fits in with your course and career aims.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the all-important Grade 4s in your English or Maths GCSEs before coming to college. You will be entitled to a learning programme that keeps building up your skills and confidence to ensure you are successful in these subjects.

The support you will receive will enable you to resit your GCSEs when you are ready. You will also have the opportunity to achieve functional skills qualifications.

When you come to Stephenson College to talk to us about your options we can discuss exactly what your study programme will look like.

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